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Established in 2011, at Akemi, we believe MBA is an experience & not just a degree.

We believe MBA is not only about following a curriculum as per University guidelines, but structured training over syllabus to connect between theory and application.

We aim to enhance management education through right skills, competencies for industry needs imparted through a combination of quality teaching, research and consultancy.

Akemi stands apart from all.The management education at “Akemi” is a period of incubation to identify and develop the potential of students to be path breakers, leaders and entrepreneurs.


New Trends In MBA

If you look back at the education system how much has it changed in the last two decades? Tremendously! And so has the pattern in making career choices. There was a time when medicine, engineering had high regard and were the chosen career by the family for students, children who showed bend towards academics and performed consistently. But the time has changed. With advancement in technology, communication new fields have emerged that make lucrative career choices.

Which among the “new” career options most sought after in recent times? Indisputably management! What has made “management” so popular that individuals from varied fields technology, commerce, design, fine art etc. pursue education in management? The buzz is a degree in management is the paths to kick start a successful corporate career. Most of the young individuals today are passionate, talented and ambitious dream MBA as the path to making it big in the corporate world. MBA is the sure shot gateway to become managers, entrepreneurs a shining bright future.

If only it was so for all. Not all Management programs are same. Students should experience management. There has to be direct connect between classroom lectures and real life industry application. Unfortunately, this does not happen most of the times. The theory learned at MBA program does not have connection with the needs of the employer, industry. Most of the management graduates are not suitable and so MBA has reverse trends. There are surplus MBAs in the market not skilled, competent to be managers hence taking up other jobs or leading to unemployment.

What then is the need of the times for MBA to be compatible with economic environment? Reform! The MBA that is responsive to the business environment, train individuals that are needed by employers. This does not mean B-schools need to redo their brand, it is only about bringing change in the MBA curriculum that is driven by employer and business needs not forgetting the generational change that has happened in the way students work today. And more so, in times of global events such as economic downturn students need to be prepared for vagaries in the market. Shouldn’t that be the new approach?